Monday Morning Mini Movie: Robots Shooting Bikini Babes

Film makers and advertisers using robots again!  Isn't it cool that you chuck out your tripods, tracking dollies and cranes entirely and use a flying Hexrobot instead?

Now obviously this technology has a long way to go but as it matures a couple of the problems in the video above will be solved:

1. The camera is using a rolling shutter which, combined with the vibrations off the robot, causes weird distortions in the video.  Using a camera with progressive scan would sort this?

2. The shots of the camera dropping out of the sky and stopping just above the models was filmed in reverse. Would you want a robot with spinning blades dropping down on you from 50 meters?  Proximity sensors could solve this one I think...

3. Notice the noise of the robot?  No, obviously not, as no native sound was used at all.  Any dialogue scenes shot this way would require a very clever mic set up or extensive ADR.  I don't see an easy way around this problem.  Can you?


A robot salute goes out to the BotJunkie blog again for this one.