Brand Improv Inspires

I'm not a massive Russell Brand fan but I found this clip when I was looking around You Tube for some info on public speaking and improvisation.

I found this very funny but also inspiring. He's obviously puts a lot of time and effort into developing his craft and expanding his improv skills to the point where impressing Alfred Molina comes naturally. And even if you don't like Russell, any thing that impresses Alfred Molina is worth taking a closer look at.

Engaging Brand Podcast featuring YT!

I would have announced this earlier if I was able to but TalkTalk hasn't done a great job of reconnecting me to the internet since Saturday!  Their excuse?  "The support ticket wasn't passed onto the engineering team so that is why they haven't contacted you." Gggggrrrrr!

One of the best business podcasts I listen is The Engaging Brand to recently published an episoed featuring yours truly talking about using online video to help build your brand.  I was very nervous but the hoast, Anna Farmery, was very good as usual and I soon got into the swing of it.

You can listen to the episode here.

Like I said above, this podcast is very good and I always learn a lot from it.  If you are self employed, into any type of marketing or branding, or just want to hear some inspriring and creative people talk about interesting things, I would suggest you subscribe using iTunes (or whatever software you use).