Juggling Video Competition - Win A Trip Around The World

This week my brother, Luke Burrage, released an amazing video of himself juggling in over 50 countries around the world.


At the end of the video you may have noticed the CallJuggler logo.  CallJuggler is a mobile phone app which is launching in February 2010 which blocks, hides and secures contacts, messages, call logs and media on your phone.

As part of the launch, CallJuggler has asked me to help run a World Wide Juggling VIdeo Competition with some big prizes at stake:  iPods for the monthly winners and a Round the World Trip for the overall winner.  Luke is also helping with the competition and will be choosing the overall winner. Here's a video of him explaining some more about it.

As a juggler I'm hoping this will encourage a lot of people to produce a lot of good quality juggling videos and as a film maker I'm looking forward to watching some well made short films based on juggling.  So get creative, grab a video camera, a tripod, a friend or two and get filming.

We are using the broad definition of juggling which includes all forms of skillful and artistic object manipulation.
The videos can be artistic, pure skillz, stop motion, animated, music video, experimental.  Anything really.
You may want to go for a pure viral video for maximum view count, or you may want to make a quality juggling video which will be much more likely to win the over all prize.
We're looking for new, not recycled videos, under 3 minutes in length.
You can enter more than one video, but you are limited to one entry per month.

How to enter.
1.  Upload your movie onto your own YouTube account and make sure the title starts with CallJuggler.com - (eg. Calljuggler.com - Footyjuggle).
2.  Post it as a video response to Luke Burrage's International Juggler video.
3.  Send your video link to all your friends, family and fans, because the video with the most views each month will win an iPod Classic.  Monthly winners will then go into our grand final, where Luke Burrage will choose the overall winner to receive the pair of "Around the World" airline tickets.
4.  Check the CallJuggler channel to view the video leader board.
See complete rules for full details plus terms and conditions at www.calljuggler.com.

I am going to be picking out my favorites to feature on the CallJuggler blog, on Youtube and the Facebook group.
I'm also going to be running little competitions and games on twitter with smaller prizes (eg. Amazon or Mobile Phone vouchers) and promoting my favorite videos, answering questions, giving advice, etc. Sign up and follow me here: www.twitter.com/calljuggler

Over the coming week I'm going to be producing a number of blog posts and videos on what makes a quality juggling video, tips on shooting and editing and advice on how to get as many people to view your video.

I'm looking forward to this...