A Pointless Machine and a Video Challenge!

Here's a video of a machine which only does one thing: Turn it's self off!

But then it's filmed in such a creative way it doesn't matter that it only does one thing.  The interaction between hand and box brings it to life and gives it a character which makes you smile and laugh.   Find instructions about how to make your own machine here. 

So here's a quick video challenge for you all:  Bring an inanimate object to life by filming it in an interesting way. 

30ish Seconds, on youtube, by saturday evening, go for it!  Tweet or email me or leave a link to the video in a comment below and I'll write them up a blog post next Monday.  Prize for the most interesting one: 10 quid Amazon voucher.

Personal note:  Kid's schools are closed, hospital visit is off and we can't move the car.  Yes, it's snowing.  And my Hundred Push Up campaign starts today.