Family Photo Shoot

Yesterday my Sister Leah asked me to set up my white seamless and help her out with a photo shoot.  After Shona had taken pictures of Leah dressed up as a Fairy Godmother (don't ask) she got some great shots of our family as well!  Here's two photos I particularly liked...

Seren the Fairy


Charis and Daddy

I think Shona is about 90% of the way to taking professional level photos with this set up.  With a bit of tweeking, learning to use Apature efectively and me getting out of the way, she'll be there.

Head over to Shona's Photo Blog to see more of her work.

New Video the 2nd: Elmo World Record

On "Wednesday Daddy Day" Seren, Charis and me went to Tesco where we saw a huge stack of Elmo Live toys.  We just HAD to see how quick we could set then all off and turned the game into a World Record Attempt!

I challenged other people to video themselves breaking the record in an experiment in meme creation but it seems Elmo stacks of this size are rarer than I thought.  Anyway, check out the YouTube video and join the Facebook group if you want to join the fun...


"Lift" Hitchhiking Documentary Update:

  1. My win at Exposures was featured on the MMU News Site after they interviewed me about my time at uni, the film and how I made it.  Check out the article here.
  2. Lift is being show at the first BRAINWASH event on Monday 30th November in Kilbern, London. "Brain Wash presents a new monthly night of innovative, refreshing and simply interesting short films."  For more info check out their Facebook Fan Page or the feature article on this site.


Film 25/52 - Charis Reviews...

Last night Charis and I shot this short review of iPod applications made for children.

Youtube link.

The apps we review this week are MyPaint Free, I Hear Ewe and Peek-A-Boo!
I know this isn’t very experimental in itself but I do have a reason to try out this camera and lighting set up.  It also completes the set of "Never work with children or animals" experiments.  I think this should really be "Never work with children or animals when filming live or using long unedited shots..."

Shona made me add the titles about not letting Seren play for hours because she doesn’t; I just muddled my words up.  The Isaac Asimov reference you'll have to work out yourself.

Lessons Learnt:

1.  Don't get out the iPod while Seren is still in the room, as she will want to play as well.

2.  Don't preplan which apps to review, just do the ones Charis wants to play with.

3.  Get a mic closer to the action (or buy a tie mic)!

4.  Always use really cute and very bright kids when filming!  I have an advantage here obviously...


Feedback welcome!


Charis' Birth Video Three Years Late

Three years ago, when we were on holiday, Charis decided to be born a few weeks before she was due. As we had my camera with us we decided to make a short video diary of the birth so Charis could watch it when she was old enough to understand. Unfortunately she was very ill, ended up in the Special Care Baby Unit and we lived with her in hospital for over a week. This meant that our short video diary turned into a 3 tape epic which has been sitting on a hard drive ever since.

We finally got around to making this short version for Charis' third birthday present. On first viewing she got quite upset because she doesn't like seeing people with plasters and needles sticking out of them, but since then she has watched it loads of times and loves it.

Predictably we used "Wires" by Athlete as this song means a lot to us for all the obvious reasons.

As Easy As Falling Off A Log?

Today we went on our traditional New Years Day walk in the countryside somewhere. Charis decided that she just had to bounce on the branch like her <fake>big brother!</fake> Fail!

Check out Shona's new photo blog:

Disclaimer: No children or animals were harmed in the making of this film. Not intentionally anyway... No really she wasn't hurt! It was her own fault anyway, she should have held on stronger... only joking, it was my fault. No it wasn't! It was no ones fault. It was an accident, a calculated risk or a bet that paid off. Or didn't pay. Depends how you view it really. Well you view it on youtube obviously...

On the 3rd Day of Christmas...

... I'm getting back to work. But for now, here's a little gem of a video I made before Christmas.

I shot this video on my mobile phone at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Charis was running around looking for her mummy (who she calls Shona, not mummy like normal children) so I held the camera phone above her head pointing down. As she ran I tried to keep the phone orientated the same way all the time. The red of the coat contrasts really well with the gray of the flooring and the concrete blocks and the four way view provides more interesting happenings in a shorter video.

Durham Convention Video Update: Almost done. Just got to finish editing the 2nd half of the show, then make the trailer and build the dvd. It should be done by next year.