Is HDR Video Racist?

So the guy over at Soviet Montage have used two dSLR cameras shooting through a light splitter to produce one of the first true HDR videos I've seen.  The results are defiantly worth a look...

Unfortunately, the results are a bit weird.  The scenery looks great but when the video cuts to the guy talking he seems to drop into the uncanny valley.  The contrast on his skin just looks not quite right.

I'm going to sound racist again here but I'd like to see what effect this has on White, Black, Asian and Chinese people all captured in the same shot.  I from the results above I think that the process would lighten up the black faces and darken down the white faces.  Artistically this may be an interesting experiment but would open a can of politically correct worms.

So Soviet Montage guys, have you thought about the implications of an intrinsically racist video production technique?  No, I thought not.

I'd love to hear peoples opinions about this so get involved in comments below.