Video Update 2

A month ago I traveled up to Wolsingham for the Durham Juggling Convention. I had been asked to film the convention, around the halls, workshops, etc. and the show (more about that coming soon). At about midnight after all my work was done I went to the main hall to be creative and see what interesting video art I could find.
After a bit of experimentation I had my camera set up on it's side so it would film in portrait instead of landscape, which makes sense for high juggling patterns. In fact if juggling was the main focus of humanity we wouldn't have wide screen television, everything would be shot in 9:16 not 16:9.
Anyway I asked Ewan to juggle 3 stage balls (which I had just picked up cheep from Jesters trade stand) and he just spent some time jamming some simple but pretty patterns.
When I got home I spent quite a while tracking each ball, fixing each one in turn to the very centre of the screen. I then experimented with the different ways the 3 tracks could be displayed. Here are the results which you can see in HD quality if you click the "HD On" button...

I've had lots of great feed back about this video and I am planning a sequel of sorts featuring another juggler, different props and less motion sickness. I'm also going to track the jugglers hands while doing mills mess and other variations.
I hope you like it...