The Durham Juggling Convention 2008 DVD is now available!

DVD Trailer:

The DVD includes mad skills and people juggling in the main hall, the games, a sample of the workshops, the unicycle hall and more. It also includes a full hours worth of the show selected from all 11 acts plus some of the best (or worst) jokes from the compere.

So if you want to know what the convention was really like or want a reminder of the day to keep, this DVD is for you!

Free Download Option
The whole DVD is available for free as a download! Due to the size of the file (3.9 Gb), it is being released as an iso file via Bittorrent which you can then burn yourself. This is the torrent tracker file:

Postal Option
As the file is to large for dial up and some people may not be able to burn DVDs I am also offering a basic postal service. I will send a copy of the DVD anywhere in the world at cost price; £2.50 in the UK, £3 for Europe and £4 world wide. These prices reflect the cost of DVD, packaging and postal costs, etc.

[Edit:  Go to this page for more details.]