Wow I've been busy! (Update)

This is my first new post in ages because I've been so busy over the summer!  Let me update you:

I've produced a series of videos for Manchester Metropolitan University Employability Service with some of my students as work experience (for them not me).  Here's one of the videos about networking:


I've finished editing a series of videos for Autus Website Design.  Here's a documentary I shot about getting a huge Air Conditioning Instillation onto a Central London Hotel in one day:




I spent a week at the European Juggling Convention in Germany producing Juggling Live, a live stream of loads of the shows and atmosphere from the Olympic Park in Munich.  Every day I'm posting a new act or show on the Juggling Live blog and have about 25 Episodes planned for the rest of September and into October.  Here's a great 8 min comedy act which was my favourite short comedy routine at the whole festival:


I've had a family holiday in Wales.

This weekend I am going to be producing the REPLAY Online Juggling Convention.  I'll be streaming all the taped footage from the EJC on so everyone who missed shows at the festival or who missed them at home can view them again.  There will be a chatroom, photo sharing, games, fun stuff and interviews running along side the video stream.  Come join us or watch the video stream here:

Streaming live video by Ustream


This week we have also been doing everything possible to find our poor lost/dead cat Brooklyn which we have not seen since getting back from Wales.  If you see a lost black cat in Whalley Range, let me know. :(

Normal blogging service to resume next week!



The Best Act at EJC: Cristiana & Stefan in "Tangram"


My favourite act (by far) at this years European Juggling Convention was "Tangram" by Cristiana Casadio and Stefan Sing.  It was a perfect blend of juggling and contemporary dance/ballet.   It's a beautiful and moving story with a captivating sound track.  Anyway, enjoy!

I edited this video to be included on the EJC DVD and sent a low quality video file to Stephan who put it up on youtube.  I would have sent him the High Def version if I knew he was going to upload it!

You can buy the EJC DVD over here.  Check out Stefan's website here.

Ninja Tempei and Live Streaming Editing

At the moment I'm in the middle of editing the DVD of the European Juggling Convention Gala Show.  Lot's of people are waiting for the release so I thought I'd offer  a sneak peek of one of the best moments in the show.

Juggling genius Tempei pulls off an awesome ninja style save after dropping a vetax suicide.  Enjoy!


I'm going to be editing the EJC DVD today (13th Oct).  You can come watch, join in, chat, ask questions, etc. at

Remember to order you EJC DVD from

EJC Live! Where the European Juggling Convention comes to you...

This is an announcement I have seeded onto facebook, web forums and discussion groups of a large project I am organising for the European Juggling Convention.  Basically I am going to be live video streaming as much of the festival as possible.  Over the next few days i'll also be producing a video announcement and releasing more details.  But for now, here's the text version:

Announcing EJC Live! Where the EJC comes to you.

This year the EJC Organising Committee are proud to announce a new concept in juggling conventions which takes the amazing performances, events, atmosphere and energy of the EJC to a world wide audience.  All you need is a few hours to spare and computer with some broad band attached!
Watch hours of original content streamed live from the EJC every day at (web page coming soon).
Live streamed events will include:
Fight Night, Eurovision, Competitions, The Games, Open Stages, Renegades and anything else which is happening within Wifi range.  We'll be posting a full schedule in the coming few weeks.
There will also be many hours of extra content daily including interviews and discussions with the guest artists, prop manufactures, interesting people, geeky site swap theorists, hard core sports jugglers, plus any one else who you request before or during the event.  Daily competitions and quizes with prizes* will take place for live viewers and those at the EJC to get involved with.†
Most video content will be immediately archived as online episodes so anyone who can't watch live can catch up later.  For those lucky jugglers attending the EJC, you can watch the episodes when you get home.  An EJC2010 DVD will also be available after the event with exclusive footage including the Gala Show plus many highlights from EJC Live!
Alongside the the EJC Live! video content at there will be a live chat room where you can discuss what's going on, ask questions for the guests, make suggestions, etc.  You can also tweet @nathanrae or use the hash tag #ejclive to get your comments to us and around the world.
Although this is technically a Nathan Rae Production, EJC Live! is for the European and global juggling community and will only work if the community helps out.  The best way to do this is to watch it live, get involved in the chat room, ask questions for guest interviews, make suggestions, etc.
The next best thing to do is to tell all your juggling friends about EJC Live! at your juggling clubs, facebook groups, forums, etc.  Then when you are watching live please tweet/facebook/email about it as much as possible.
And lastly here are two quick audience competitions for you.†  Winners and prizes for these competitions will be announced on the first day of the convention.
We need an EJC Live! logo.  Something bright which fits with the over all EJC2010 branding.  Get creative and email your entries here: with "EJC LOGO" in the subject line.
We would also like some theme music, about 20-30 seconds, upbeat and fun (but not too cheesy).  Please send you mp3 files here:** with "EJC MUSIC" in the subject line.
So copy and past this post anywhere you can, spread the word and get involved!
Nathan Rae and the EJC Organising Committee
ARE YOU A TRADER OR MANUFACTURE?  Please contact me if you would like to show off your gear or would like to "sponsor" some episodes.**  Email with EJC TRADE in the subject line.
ARE YOU ORGANISING A JUGGLING CONVENTION OR EVENT?  We want to use EJC Live! to help you advertise your juggling convention, show or event.  Please contact me if you want to come on and tell the world about it or would like to "sponsor" some episodes.**  Email with EJC EVENT in the subject line.
DO YOU WANT TO HELP OUT AT THE EJC?  We are looking for some helpers to make the show run smoothly.  We'll also be on the lookout for a couple of cohosts for some of the events.  Email me if you would like to get involved: Email with EJC HELP in the subject line.
DO YOU WANT TO HELP OUT FROM HOME?  We'll be needing a couple of chat room moderators, a question wrangler/researcher and a twitter/facebook monkey to help out daily.  You'll get some gear/tickets (depending on what is donated) and loads of respect.  Email: with EJC HELP in the subject line.

*If we get some sponsors on board.
† Terms and conditions only exist in my head and my decisions are final. 
** Some donated gear as prizes or a couple of free tickets is all it takes. Hard cash also welcome.