New Video the 2nd: Elmo World Record

On "Wednesday Daddy Day" Seren, Charis and me went to Tesco where we saw a huge stack of Elmo Live toys.  We just HAD to see how quick we could set then all off and turned the game into a World Record Attempt!

I challenged other people to video themselves breaking the record in an experiment in meme creation but it seems Elmo stacks of this size are rarer than I thought.  Anyway, check out the YouTube video and join the Facebook group if you want to join the fun...


"Lift" Hitchhiking Documentary Update:

  1. My win at Exposures was featured on the MMU News Site after they interviewed me about my time at uni, the film and how I made it.  Check out the article here.
  2. Lift is being show at the first BRAINWASH event on Monday 30th November in Kilbern, London. "Brain Wash presents a new monthly night of innovative, refreshing and simply interesting short films."  For more info check out their Facebook Fan Page or the feature article on this site.