Mid Month Meanderings - December 2009

This is a quick post which wraps up a few loose ends by looking at my world in four ways; backwards, forwards, sideways and through my random specs

Looking Back...

...to my ongoing project for 2009, An Experimental Film A Week For A Year. I'm going to do a full round up of the project after Christmas but for now I just have to mention one thing about the iPhone Holographic Display video: PEOPLE ARE STILL FALLING FOR IT!  I got an email last night:

Hi Nathan, Sweet info! I am interested in where I get or how to install the app and use it. The hologram app that is. I am buying my son an TOUCH for christmas and I would like to be able to watch movies and view video as you have shown on your video. Everyone shows you how, yet never expalin how to do it, what is needed to download etc... You seam to be very eduacated on this matter. Any help would be great.

Looking Sideways...

... at my last blog post and video.  You may recall I said that if you are filming you should never be without a Joby Gorillapod .  I now have two!  An Original for my Sanyo HD1010 and the Joby Gorillapod SLR Zoom which is larger and strong enough to hold my Sony HDR-V1 with ease.  To test out the Original I fixed it to a kids roundabout which vibrated massively due to wrecked bearings. The Gorillapod held the camera in place even though Seren was being shaken to bits.  See the shaken baby footage cute shaking baby here:

Looking Forward...

... to the New Year and the Royal Television Society Awards especially. Why?  Mainly because Lift, my hitch hiking documentary, has been selected as one of the three films to represent the North West in the Royal Television Societies Student Awards ceremony to be held at the Cornerhouse on 12th January.  If Lift "wins" there I'll be of to London for the finals in May.

Update: I've just found out that Lift has been selected for the Glasgow Shorts Film Festival and will be show on 21st February at the Centre for Contemporary Arts.  More details when I get them.

Through Random Specs...

... let's take a look at some phrases people have googled during the past month and ended up on my website:

training videos for curriculum vitaes
seren productions
'new headteacher at failsworth'
carrying case for tailors
burnley brow community school logo
handy camara shooting sexy videos
nativity play film tailor
mary poppins almost perfect in every way

Catch you all later...