Get More from iMovie on your iPod and iPhone (Tutorial)

A couple of months back I got a 4th Gen iPod Touch and quickly installed the iMovie app so I could shoot, edit and upload videos all on the same device.  iOS iMovie is also compatible with the iPhone 4.

Very soon I discovered a the following problems: There's no way to add titles to photos, there's no way to flip footage the right way up and there's no way to fade to black or fade from black.

Fortunately I've found a way around these problems (though I'm still working on a couple of other's I'll talk about in a future post).  Anyway, here's the tutorial:


This is the video I was making in the tutorial above.  It's called Solo Shed Flip because I used my Mazda Bongo to pull a metal shed upright after it blew away...


I also made this very cute (but slightly wrong) video on my iPod Touch with music from Josh Woodward -

Snow Man



Solo Shed Flip Video - Made Entirely on my iPod Touch.

Yesterday I found that my shed had blow across the garden a bit by the gales the night before:

As I don't have any friends I had to find a way to flip it back over in to place again without breaking it or myself. Here's what happened:

I shot, edited and uploaded this video entirley on my iPod Touch using the back camera, iOS iMovie, VRotate and the Youtube uploader.  On Monday I'm going to post a video tutorial about how to make iOS iMovie add fade to black, titles over photos and how to flip upside down footage.


Film 25/52 - Charis Reviews...

Last night Charis and I shot this short review of iPod applications made for children.

Youtube link.

The apps we review this week are MyPaint Free, I Hear Ewe and Peek-A-Boo!
I know this isn’t very experimental in itself but I do have a reason to try out this camera and lighting set up.  It also completes the set of "Never work with children or animals" experiments.  I think this should really be "Never work with children or animals when filming live or using long unedited shots..."

Shona made me add the titles about not letting Seren play for hours because she doesn’t; I just muddled my words up.  The Isaac Asimov reference you'll have to work out yourself.

Lessons Learnt:

1.  Don't get out the iPod while Seren is still in the room, as she will want to play as well.

2.  Don't preplan which apps to review, just do the ones Charis wants to play with.

3.  Get a mic closer to the action (or buy a tie mic)!

4.  Always use really cute and very bright kids when filming!  I have an advantage here obviously...


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