Film 09/52 - Slow Rolling

This month my theme is going to be Time Manipulation.

With this in mind I have been experimenting with the Slow Motion Capture settings on my Sony HVR camera. It shoots at 100 frames a second so the footage plays back at 25% of the original speed. This is good enough to slow things down so new visual phenomena can be seen but it is no where near “humming bird wings” slow.

I took my camera along to canoe club on Wednesday. Here are the results:

Although these shots are quite good the camera system is not very flexible for a couple of reasons…

The exposure time is set at 1/210 of a second. This is too short for the low light at the subterranean pool on Wednesday night so I had to boost up the gain a bit.

Secondly the camera stores a set amount of frames in it’s memory then writes them to tape when the shot is finished. It can shoot for 3, 6 or 12 seconds but the longer the shot the poorer the video quality. The more movement (and change in visual information) between each frame the more the camera has to compress the video means there are loads of artifacts and it looks awful. A swimming pool must be one of the worse places to film as the water is constantly moving across the whole frame. All the clips in this week’s video were shot in 3 second segments.

And lastly a pool is not the most healthy place for an expensive camera to be. A bit too much splashy water to get the camera up close enough for the most dynamic shot construction.

I hope you like it. Next week will either be some slow mo juggling or some slight of hand magic tricks shown to be what they really are.

Film 08/52 - My Week In Video

So this week I have been busy again but instead of going out of my way to shoot some original footage I decided to see what I already had. When I set myself this years rules I said I could only use footage shot that week. With this in mind I looked thru my camera phone, the videos from our stills camera, some video I shot for another project, etc. mashed it all up together and ended up a mini-microcosm of my week in video.

In the film you may see:
A toad I found.
Charis filming herself and Seren accidentally while trying to take pictures.
Me turning a rucksack into a camera bag.
Me kayaking down Town Falls in Llangollen badly and swimming.
Vert Kayaking (a new extreme sport I discovered)

The music this week is from the album Maxi Single Ride by Borea. The track is called Lazy. Yes this is a comment on my effort this week...