Live Streaming with Dawkins, Fry and Friends at TAM London

This weekend I'm heading to London for "The Amazing Meeting" with Richard Dawkins, Steven Fry, Tim Minchin and many others.  The event is a "fundraising celebration of science, critical thinking and entertainment!" 

I mention this as I will be Live Streaming some of the talks including Cory Doctorow's, panel discussions as well as interviews with interesting and entertaining people.  You can see the Live Stream and find more information about the event over here:

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Or watch it right here:


If you have any projects or events coming up which you would like to live stream, I offer a full Professional Production Service but also provide training and advice so you can put together your own equipment and run the Live Stream yourself.  Email with any comments or quires.

Plinth News and Pictures...

As you probably all know I spent an hour on the One And Other plinth in Trafalgar Square last Saturday.

I shot all the footage I planned and have started editing it into a juggling video. I am working on something else at the mo but should finish my plinth video very soon. Check back for an updates, subscribe or follow me on twitter. If you have an empty hour you can see a video of everything I did.

click to watch

I enjoyed my time in London and the time on the plinth was a real highlight. I only just made it on time as after seeing family in Hyde Park I walked over to Camden Tube station only to find it was closed. I then had to make a mad dash forMornington Crescent and got to the One And Other office at 3.29!

I then signed hundreds of release, waiver and permission forms before the health and safety briefing. Photos came next and then an interview. It was audio only but I still felt very self conscious talking about who I was, my family, my work, my passions and views on art, etc. This will be archived with all the footage of the Plinth and will be combined with whatever AnthonyGormley is planning to do with it.

After a couple of mins chilling, checking my gear, toilet and drink I climbed onto the JCB. The guys driving the JCBs were cool and we chatted for a while about the geeky behind the scenes technical side of running a live video project for 100 days.

As soon as I got on the plinth I started setting up my camera and getting ready. One problem i faced was the size of the space i had to work with. It was tiny! If the plinth didn't have an ledgewhich sticks out just beneath the main platform I don't know if I could have made it. Even with a wide angle lens and the camera rotated to portrait, it still couldn't capture the edge from all angles.

Once I had all the footage I needed I started throwing balls down to people in the square to teach them to juggle! this was very popular but soon descended into a game of "Who can throw a ball up to the guy on the plinth!" Unfortunately this meant that 5 of my balls hit the side of the plinth, fell down on to the base of the net and are still there now... I think a random guy walked off with a couple as well.

The Mexican Wave didn't work as there wasn't enough people watching and the diabalo throwing was difficult as it was quite windy. About four throws later both diabalos were on the floor. Whoops.

After a well deserved cup of tea with Shona we were all so tired it was back to Stepney and bed. I got a lot great comments on facebook, twitter and by text. Thanks everyone for watching and supporting me!

I'll put up some photos and news from the rest of our holiday tomorrow.