Monday Morning Mini Movie: The Windmill Farmer

This morning we have a beautiful animation about a farmer caring for his windmill trees.

I love it when someone finds such a simple idea and turns it into a work of art.  This is how Joaquin Baldwin found inspiration:

"This film was inspired while driving back from a trip to Palm Springs, when my partner said that it must take them forever to plant and grow so many windmills. I wrote down the title The Windmill Farmer for an idea to explore later, and about a year later I started developing it into a character and story."

Follow the artist on twitter and check out her other work here.

Monday Morning Mini Movie - Freediving Base Jumping

This morning's film is magical and literally breath taking!

This is an artistic film shot in many takes, not a documentary showing a single dive, so I definitly thinks it qualifies as a Mini Movie.  What's even more amazing than Guillaume Nery's breathless dancing/acting is the fact that the person filming, Julie Gautier, was not using Scuba gear either.  The entire project was made on held breath alone!

Thanks to for this one.