Monday Morning Mini Movie: The Plot Device

This is my first post in quite a while but then I've been busy taking my local government to court and working at the university.  I'll update you with the specifics later this week...

The Monday Morning Mini Movie is nother awesome video made using relatively cheep tools and software.  It's amazing what effects can be recreated when the director has a clear vision and a great team to make  it happen.  Enjoy!

For more info about the film and to watch the "making off" video check out the Red Giant website over here:

If you have any video or films you want featured as a future Monday Morning Mini Movie send them to




Monday Morning Mini Movie: Out of Sight

Three students from Taiwan have recently released this short animation about a little girl wondering onto an unfamiliar street and into a world of her own...  It's beautifully made and very touching.

Looking at some of the comments on youtube I was amazed that many people didn't get what was going on until the very end.  When did it click for you?

Check out the official site here:  The site is in English as well.

Monday Morning Mini Movie: Robots Shooting Bikini Babes

Film makers and advertisers using robots again!  Isn't it cool that you chuck out your tripods, tracking dollies and cranes entirely and use a flying Hexrobot instead?

Now obviously this technology has a long way to go but as it matures a couple of the problems in the video above will be solved:

1. The camera is using a rolling shutter which, combined with the vibrations off the robot, causes weird distortions in the video.  Using a camera with progressive scan would sort this?

2. The shots of the camera dropping out of the sky and stopping just above the models was filmed in reverse. Would you want a robot with spinning blades dropping down on you from 50 meters?  Proximity sensors could solve this one I think...

3. Notice the noise of the robot?  No, obviously not, as no native sound was used at all.  Any dialogue scenes shot this way would require a very clever mic set up or extensive ADR.  I don't see an easy way around this problem.  Can you?


A robot salute goes out to the BotJunkie blog again for this one.

Monday Morning Mini Movie: Secret Stash

This week's Monday Morning Mini Movie is a day late as I'm on holiday in rural Cornwall and we're suffering intermittent internetability.

This is another video that brings inanimate objects alive which is something I like when it is done especially well.  I particularly like the laptop in the side of the small table and the pile of papers.  The only problem I see with the latter is finding the papers under all the clutter on my desk...


Thanks to the Unclutterer Blog for this one.

Monday Morning Mini Movie: Unmasking Google Streetview

Over in Germany politicians and the media are go nuts over Google generally and the Streetview service specifically.  This is partly understandable due to their recent history with the Stazi, etc but it has reached the insane situations of whole buildings, not just faces and licence plates, being blurred out.  So it's not illegal to take pictures of the buildings and post them one the net, but when google does it in an organised way, it has to be stopped?

On the saner end of the discussion there are activists campaigning against this who have produced a very interesting film.  There is no sound on the video and it starts quite slow but stick around (or skip forward) to the 1.20 mark and you'll be happy that you did.

Did you like that?  Thought you would.

I'd love to make an entire music video using simular techniques but I suspect this will be a larger project than I have time for at the moment.  Back to editing the EJC DVD instead....

Monday Morning Mini Movie: Transformers Done Right...

So today's Monday Morning Mini Movie is a short sequel to the awful Michael Bay Transformers movies:


The big difference and major improvement between this and the original Transformers is that the fight is between the two human gangsters.  Although I'm not a fan of organised crime, at least I stand a chance of caring about one of the guys, with robots from outer space squabling over a widget, not so much.

The Transformers film I'd love to see is two groups of HUMANS are in conflict and both sides are trying to convince the Transformers to fight for them.  This way we'll care about the conflict, see people expressing their convictions about something important to them.  Then we'd see the cool over the top action sequence an the final third of the movie where the Transformers disarm both sides of all their WMDs.


The short film was made by a couple of guys in Russia for a using equipment costing a couple of thousand dollars which got me thinking…

How much would this sequence have cost to make just 2 years ago before the dSLR video revolution?  

Then what about 5 years ago, then 10 years ago, then 15?

If we graphed this line would it go back as a reverse of Moores Law or much steeper?  I'm not sure.


What would your guess be and how cheap will it be to produce a sequence like this in just 5 years time?


Monday Morning Mini Movie: Elemental Googling

So just last week Google launched it's new feature: Google Instant.

This instantly led to new games along the lines of "You Auto Complete Me" and "what rude words turn the screen white?" but one of the best creative uses I've seen so far is this fun video:

I'm sure we'll see many more listing songs in the following weeks.  I'd like to do one my self but what song/sketch/poem/should I do?  Your suggestions would be most welcome.

Monday Morning Mini Movie: Videostreet

Ok the blog is back after our hectic house move.

I'm looking to buy a new Android based phone at the moment and the Samsung range caught my eye.  Of course I am very interested in the video capabilities of any gadgets I buy so after bit of searching online I came across this:

(Note: this wasn't shoot on the Android Galaxy but an older model.) 

I know I'm not the first to say this but I just love the fact that you can shoot really compelling experimental film using what is in your pocket.  As Chase Jarvis says "The Best Camera Is The One That's With You" though you don't need his iPhone app to prove him right.


Monday Morning Mini Movie: From Big Bang Until Tomorrow?

This week's Monday Morning Mini Movie is "BIG BANG BIG BOOM!" from

Yes I know it is almost 10 mins long but i think it is worth every frame.

"BIG BANG BIG BOOM: an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life ... and how it could probably end."


In other news, and the reason why this blog is a bit sparse at the moment; I'm moving house!  South Manchester here I come.  I'm having a joint 30th birthday party and house warming party in a couple of weeks so I'll post some pics then.

Monday Morning Mini Movie: Death By Robot?

Here's a fun film about how to use the PR2 research robot safely:

This may seem an odd choice for a Monday Morning Mini Movie but I liked it for a couple of reasons:

  1. I think the clunky animations and effects are funny.
  2. It involves robots.
  3. People are more likely to watch the video than read a safety booklet.
  4. People are more likely to remember the safety advice after watching than reading.

Points 3 and 4 have been proven many times yet even when it comes to keeping clients or employees safe, most companies still go with the easily written, easily forgotten memo instead of an efective video or animation.  What about your company?