Follow my Hitch Hiking adventures on Twitter and Film 11/52

On Monday and the rest of next week I'm shooting my graduate film (this is the equivalent to a dissertation in a normal degree) so for the last few weeks I have been crazy busy with the pre production. Today I used Shona's DSLR camera to make a short video of some of the daft jobs I have to do just to make a documentary. The first 20 sec of this film is from a while ago when I made a padded camera case, then it moves onto me making a rain cover and then on to the packing all the tat I need. There are also cameo appearances by both my little girls. I know it isn't really experimental but I'm too busy so it's all you're getting this week.

I'm making a documentary about people who pick up hitch hikers, and the best way to find and film them is to go hitch hiking myself. Paul my cinematographer and I will hopefully traveling up the M6 to the Lake District and across the Pennines and back down the A1 and M62 to Manchester. I say hopefully as we have no idea if we will be picked up or how far we will get. To keep everyone updated I'll be twittering about our adventures as we go along. You can follow me on twitter as @nathanrae and if you have no idea what I'm talking about you can just check on my website daily as my tweets are shown on the right hand side automatically.

So if by any crazy sort of coincidence you see two student filmmakers hitch hiking, please give them a lift!