The Gizwiz, The Pod Delusion and I

One of my New Years resolutions was to write and record for other peoples podcasts so back in January I contributed a bit about multidimensional travel systems to the Episode 219 of The Pod Delusion.  

Then this week I filmed a "My Favourite Gadget" segment which was featured on's Giz Wiz Show.  It went down very well with the hosts and the audience so here it is.  Jump to 32 mins in for my bit:

Is This A Good Idea Ep 002: Thumb Smartphone App

This week Nathan talks about how the Waze ap could make Douglas Adam's scifi technology a reality. But is it a good idea?


Tech Grumps Podcast and Semi Viral Video

Two bits of news today:

Firstly on Monday I was a guest on the Tech Grumps podcast for the 3rd time in the last few months.  This time we talked Apple taking over education, love on the nets and more.  Listen to the episode here.

The podcast is basically an excuse for a bunch of tech enthusiasts (read geeks) to grump and moan about the darker (or just anoying) side of tech world.  The regular hosts include BBC Senior Producer Ian Forrester (@cubicgarden) and David Eastman plus loads of guests more interesting than me.

Find and listen to the latest episode of the Tech Grumps Podcast over here:


The second bit of news is that one of the videos I produced at the Munich EJC last year seems to have been picked up in a number of places over the last month and is now getting about 4,000 views a day on youtube. As I publish this it's up to 127,000 hits.

Even after trawling through Youtube Analitics I have idea of reasons for this one video suddenly taking off (apart from it being one of the best acts at the whole festival) and it just goes to prove yet again that video virality is more luck than science.

Any thoughts?

Last Wednesday Podcast, Pool Session, Hospital.

Last Wednesday evening was busy for me as at 6pm I recorded an interview as a guest on Scott Hewitt's Creative Pact Podcast.  

You can listen to the episode here (about 8 mins) where I talk about some of the 7 Unforgiveable Sins or video production mistakes that I never let my students get away with unless they have a very good excuse.  These are also relevent for anyone shooting videos for their business websites or for video podcasts, etc.


Then at 7pm I went to the first MMU Canoe Club pool session of this accademic year.  

Unfortunatly only an hour in Ben smacked his head off the back of his kayak while doing cartwheels.  The photo above actually caught the moment just before this happened.  The photos below tell the rest of the story.

"What's that on my head?"

"Oh it's blood!"

Pool staff patch him up.

As I was the only person there with a car I drove him down to A&E to get stiched up then went home.  Not how I hoped the evening would go but I enjoyed it anyway.  I may even go back again this week...


Shoot Content Once Then Use It Every Where.

One of the best things about shooting loads of content in one day is that you can re-edit and re-purpose it many times for many target audiences and delivery platforms!  Websites, Youtube, Show Room Display, and now, Video Podcast.

Alistair Marshall, a business consultant I worked with last year, asked me to film a series of videos where he sets out his "12 Immediate Actions to Generate Sales and Cash."  He has successfully used them on his website, along with a home page and landing page video, to help grow his contact list and get more clients.

Recently we talked about republishing the content as the first twelve episodes of a video podcast.  Now that all episodes are live and on iTunes, I suggest you go watch them.  I definitely learnt a lot from them and his advice has directly led to making Nathan Rae Production a lot more profitable.

Alistair Marshall Consulting Podcast on iTunesSo head over to iTunes and subscribe or add the following feed to your non-Apple podcasting softwear of choice:

If you need some help to publish an audio or video podcast, or want talk about any other up coming project, email me or dm me on twitter.


Engaging Brand Podcast featuring YT!

I would have announced this earlier if I was able to but TalkTalk hasn't done a great job of reconnecting me to the internet since Saturday!  Their excuse?  "The support ticket wasn't passed onto the engineering team so that is why they haven't contacted you." Gggggrrrrr!

One of the best business podcasts I listen is The Engaging Brand to recently published an episoed featuring yours truly talking about using online video to help build your brand.  I was very nervous but the hoast, Anna Farmery, was very good as usual and I soon got into the swing of it.

You can listen to the episode here.

Like I said above, this podcast is very good and I always learn a lot from it.  If you are self employed, into any type of marketing or branding, or just want to hear some inspriring and creative people talk about interesting things, I would suggest you subscribe using iTunes (or whatever software you use).