"And the RTS Best Factual Film is... Lift!"

On Tuesday evening I meet up with Paul and Tom from uni at the Cornerhouse Cinema.  We didn't watch a film but attended the Royal Television Society Student Awards.

Before the award ceremony there was a Q and A session with John Griffin, Shameless and Skins series producer, which was very interesing but not so useful to me as a documentary filmmaker. He also showed us all a few exclusive trails and clips from the next series of Skins, which again would have been more interesting if I had ever seen the show.

Then Ranvir Singh from rushed over from the BBC North West Tonight sudio to present the three main awards.  These were Best Animation, Best Factual and Best Fiction with three films nominated in each catagory.  With my backwards logic I worked out I had a 33% chance of winning as I only had two competitors.  But then I reasoned correctly that it doesn't work like that and the strongest entry obviously has better odds.

We were shown short clips of each film and Ranvir read out some of the jury's thoughts about them all.  Here's what they said about Lift:

"LIFT from Manchester School of Art was considered to be a ‘mature take on the world’ seen through the eyes of a hitch-hiker. It was well shot, the right length, did not need to be edited [any more] and was really well cut. One juror was very impressed with how the film had got some really good tales from drivers and passengers. It made them want to hit the road soon"

Then the big moment for me came as Ranvir said, "And the winner of the Best Factual Award is... Lift!"

I was very happy with the win, was a bit hyper and didn't stop smiling and talking for the rest of the evening.  I accidentally told John Griffin that I had never seen Shameless or Skins, don't have a TV licence and never watch TV any more.  Although it's true it's not something you should admit at the RTS.

Anyway, the win means that I'm going to go to London for the National RTS Student Awards in May.  I doubt I'll win the final if "Stuck On The Edge" has also been entered, but we'll just have to see.

In other news, I've heard that "Lift" is in consideration for Edinburgh International Film Festival and the London International Documentary Festival.  I'm also thinking about submitting it to the Globians Doc Fest in Berlin though I'd need to get some German subtitles sorted first.  Any one want to help with these? 
I've also had an offer from the BBC to show "Lift" on their Film Network website but have had to turn them down for now as most festivals don't screen films that are available on line.  It maybe up later in the year though.

Finaly, thanks for all the messages of support and congratulations I've recieved.  They all mean a lot to me.