The Gizwiz, The Pod Delusion and I

One of my New Years resolutions was to write and record for other peoples podcasts so back in January I contributed a bit about multidimensional travel systems to the Episode 219 of The Pod Delusion.  

Then this week I filmed a "My Favourite Gadget" segment which was featured on's Giz Wiz Show.  It went down very well with the hosts and the audience so here it is.  Jump to 32 mins in for my bit:

Family Photo Shoot

Yesterday my Sister Leah asked me to set up my white seamless and help her out with a photo shoot.  After Shona had taken pictures of Leah dressed up as a Fairy Godmother (don't ask) she got some great shots of our family as well!  Here's two photos I particularly liked...

Seren the Fairy


Charis and Daddy

I think Shona is about 90% of the way to taking professional level photos with this set up.  With a bit of tweeking, learning to use Apature efectively and me getting out of the way, she'll be there.

Head over to Shona's Photo Blog to see more of her work.

Should My New Years Resolution be 720i or 1080p?

I've just read an interesting article over on the guardian site about how almost all New Years Resolutions fail for a whole bucket full of reasons. Two take away lessons though are to turn your resolutions into a set of smaller targets and to make them public.  With this in mind, here are my three NYRs:

Body: Get stronger by following the method and do one hundred pushups by end of February!  I've done the first test and made it to 32 before collapsing in a shivering heap on the floor.  I'm also going to follow the same program (divided by two) with pull ups.

Social Media: Start a podcast/blog/YouTube channel and build a sustainable community around it.
Check out to see the very rough first steps I'm taking towards this. The first few episodes are coming very soon. (I'm just waiting until I get the logo and graphics sorted before launching it officially.) 

Pollution and Climate Change:  Reduce my carbon foot print and cut waste. The two main ways we're doing this as a family; firstly we've got new bikes and a kiddy trailer for sort trips. Secondly we're going to stop eating the most criminally carbon/methane intensive, rainforest destroying and inefficient food: Dead Cow. Cutting beef, plus a couple of other things, from our diet for a year reduces our carbon footprint about the same amount as a turning off our central heating completely! For more info check out this great article about cheeseburgers.

I'm sure I'll add comments and updates about how I'm getting on in future blog posts.

Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year to you all! 

Bonus Cute Video: My geek baby loving the Google homepage at midnight last night.

New Video the 2nd: Elmo World Record

On "Wednesday Daddy Day" Seren, Charis and me went to Tesco where we saw a huge stack of Elmo Live toys.  We just HAD to see how quick we could set then all off and turned the game into a World Record Attempt!

I challenged other people to video themselves breaking the record in an experiment in meme creation but it seems Elmo stacks of this size are rarer than I thought.  Anyway, check out the YouTube video and join the Facebook group if you want to join the fun...


"Lift" Hitchhiking Documentary Update:

  1. My win at Exposures was featured on the MMU News Site after they interviewed me about my time at uni, the film and how I made it.  Check out the article here.
  2. Lift is being show at the first BRAINWASH event on Monday 30th November in Kilbern, London. "Brain Wash presents a new monthly night of innovative, refreshing and simply interesting short films."  For more info check out their Facebook Fan Page or the feature article on this site.


Seren Learns To Climb

Yesterday we went to Dovestones Reservoir and after our picnick and icecream we went for a walk up a stream.  Seren refused to be carried and although I offered to hold her hand, pick her up after falling and generally help her along, she wasn't having any of it...

Oh by the way I'm looking for accommodation in London for 22nd August. It's expensive when you have kids you know... Any suggestions?

Video Update 1

As I have mentioned on an earlier post, my youngest little girl arrived all of a sudden and we only just got to the hospital in time. One of the side effects of this was the fact that I left our stills camera in the car, but my old camcorder, which I had throw into the spare clothes bag was on the ward with us. In a lull in the action I set it up at the dry end of the bed to record whatever was about to unfold and wasn't planning on getting all the details of the messy end. But then, in between contractions, Shona asked me to film "everything" because she wanted to watch it afterwards. So I was relegated from director to DP.

For a while Shona had wanted to learn how to use Final Cut Pro so we decided to use the birth footage as a tutorial. The results were very good so she put two videos on Youtube, one with all the gooey bits and one which anyone would be happy to watch. The first was picked up by lots of birth video fans and has featured on a couple of birthing sites so in the first two weeks it had over 1000 views a day! Since then the it has settled down somewhat and has now has over 26,000 views. This is great, but it means that one of Shona's films has had more views than all my Youtube videos put together! And I'm meant to be the filmmaker in the family. Oh well...

Any way here is the child suitable version of the video...

And The Baby Arrives!

My day:

03.30 Woken by Shona who said her waters had broken. Very tired so was told to go back to sleep.

04.00 Woken again by Shona who was now having contractions. Had a shower.

04.30 Packed last bits and bobs in a bleary daze.

04.50 Loaded Shona and bags in to car and set off for the hospital.

04.55 Turned around and went home cos we had forgotten the essential medical notes. Contractions getting stronger.

05.00 Set off for hospital for the second time. Contractions getting even stronger.

05.25 Arrived at hospital. Contractions landing one on top of each other and very strong.

05.57 Baby is born after very short labor.

Everything else after that is not really so interesting but I'll give you the important stats.

Name: Seren Daisy Rae
Weight: 3.69kg
Sex: Girly

Shona and baby are both happy and healthy but are still in hospital for observation (our first baby had Group B Strep which almost killed her, so we are being careful with this one).

Any questions?

On a more personal note...

.. I have a baby on the way!

Not me personally of cause, but my girlfriend Shona is hugely pregnant and we are expecting a new baby Rae any day now.

It's not been the best of weeks as we have been to the hospital 4 times. High blood pressure, sickness and slight dizziness are the symptoms which send the community midwives into sub-panic action, phoning hospitals and threatening to call ambulances.

We're going back in to hospital this evening to get Shona and baby checked out again.

I'll keep this blog updated.