Northology Podcast Episode 0.1 Alpha Test

Over the last few months I have been planning the launch of a new podcast and blog covering the technology and startup sceen in Manchester.  I originally started working with Shaf Choudry (@hashponitfive) but he ironically had to drop out as he was spending too much time on his own technology startup.

Since then I have teamed up with Josh (@technicalfault) from Melbourn who will be hosting the podcast with me as well as contributing to the blog ocassionally.  Last week we recorded a Alpha Test episode of Northology which we are putting up on the blogs for feed back.  Please take some time to listen and give us some feedback...

Play Northology Alpha Test Episode

Download mp3 File.

I already have a few thoughts about how to improve the quality of the recording, the editing, the content and the pace/energy. I wont go into them here as we would love to hear your feedback. We also need your ideas and suggestions about future guests, events to cover, intro and outro music, etc.

Please leave your comments on the Northology blog or email them to or tweet us on

Thanks a lot

The Best Of Tedx Manchester (as voted by me)

Last month I live streamed the TedX Manchester conference from Cornerhouse. Now all the videos are edited and up on YouTube I thought I'd post a couple here.
The best talk of the day in my opinion was the last of the day by. He shows how his process of constant experimentation in art and design is a great way to find beauty and success.

Another great talk was the first of the day from Mary Ann Hobbs. Very inspirational and one of the talks which made me want to get my next project off the ground as soon as possible.

The last talk I'll post here is by Ian Forester who I know from around Manchester and from the Tech Grumps podcast. He gives a very moving account of a life changing event which he lived through a couple of years back. I was almost in tears by the end as well.

Is This A Good Idea Ep 002: Thumb Smartphone App

This week Nathan talks about how the Waze ap could make Douglas Adam's scifi technology a reality. But is it a good idea?


Tech Grumps Podcast and Semi Viral Video

Two bits of news today:

Firstly on Monday I was a guest on the Tech Grumps podcast for the 3rd time in the last few months.  This time we talked Apple taking over education, love on the nets and more.  Listen to the episode here.

The podcast is basically an excuse for a bunch of tech enthusiasts (read geeks) to grump and moan about the darker (or just anoying) side of tech world.  The regular hosts include BBC Senior Producer Ian Forrester (@cubicgarden) and David Eastman plus loads of guests more interesting than me.

Find and listen to the latest episode of the Tech Grumps Podcast over here:


The second bit of news is that one of the videos I produced at the Munich EJC last year seems to have been picked up in a number of places over the last month and is now getting about 4,000 views a day on youtube. As I publish this it's up to 127,000 hits.

Even after trawling through Youtube Analitics I have idea of reasons for this one video suddenly taking off (apart from it being one of the best acts at the whole festival) and it just goes to prove yet again that video virality is more luck than science.

Any thoughts?