Documentary Filmmaker

If you are planning a performance, event or trip of some kind, filming it as a documentary can often show the feel of the day much better than the typical event filming style.  As you can see from the videos below, documentaries also gives the viewer an opportunity to get to know the people involved and will then identify with them more.

With documentary you can also give a new perspective into hidden parts of your company or organiseation.  An entire process can be shown; such as a client's experience dealing with you, an artist prepping and creating a piece to commission or just to show costumers the way you work.

As an award winning documentary filmmaker* I can produce, shoot and edit a documentaries of many events, people, stories or companies, creating a film to meet the your needs.  Take a look at some examples of my work to see what I can offer.  Email me if you are interested or have any questions.



*Lift was nominated for Best Documentary and won the BBC Best Of The North Award 2009.  See this page for more details.

Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra documentary

Production Note: After filming I handed the footage over to the staff and students from Huddersfield Uni who did all the editing.  They used a different editing style than I had in mind while shooting (and used a couple of clips I had never intended to be seen) but I like the raw feel this gives the film.


Durham Juggling Convention Trailer

I filmed this event in a documentary style then edited this trailer to be a stand alone music video and advert for the next year's event.  To download the full DVD or for more details check out this page.



This was a research video that I edited to play in the background while "pitching" the idea for Lift to my tutors and the faculty head.  I had to convince them to sign off on me hitch hiking around the North of England getting into strangers cars.  This video made the pitch a lot easier.