An Experimental Film A Week For A Year

The Concept

Feeling inspired by Paul Sewards "A Photo a Day for a Year" blog I decided to do the same thing, but with films and not photos, and only one film a week not every day. Basically, by 2010 I'll have made at least 52 experimental films following these arbitrary rules I set for myself.

The Rules

Each film must be:
Made in one week (which means produced, shot, edited, everything).
Uploaded on Friday (or before) (or afterwards if I'm on holiday).
Between 30 seconds and 2 min in length.

For the Experimental Film A Week For A Year Archive (one big page with all the films in order) click here. But to see the latest and greatest films read on...

The Latest...

Film 26/52 - Shelf Stacking

... and Greatest.

Based on the view counts, feedback from others and my personal opinion, the following films are the some of the best so far.

Film 24/52 - Juggling For Nelson! (or Plinth Juggling Video)

Film 19/52 - iPod Experiment - High Definintion and More...

 Film 21/52 - Green Ball Magic

Film 09/52 - Slow Rolling

Film 15/52 - "Cut! That was good..."

Film 03/52 - Juggling Babysitting and Filmmaking

Film 01/52 - Rolling Juggling Ball Effects