A Youtube Channel about making videos? Let's make this thing!

After claiming to be an expert on making videos and telling people how to run successful Youtube Channels I’ve decided to put my time and money where my mouth is and launch a new channel.  Although by most measures my existing Youtube Channel is a “success”  (it’s how I make a living) my Channel is a mess.  Over the years it has accrued all sorts of crap, copyright claims, videos businesses have asked you to host and has no coherent direction or branding.

So I'm creating a new Youtube Channel called Leading Zeros where I'll make videos about making videos, the equipment you can use to capture your content in the highest quality and the things I invent and make which helps me make better videos.

To start with I'll be showing how I made my surprisingly popular Raspberry Pi in a case (which is actually for using my mac mini on location), my TV Studio in a flight case and the different equipment setups I use to livestream events.

I'll also do a short series of videos on the pros and cons of 5 or 6 youtube shooting kits, from a cell phone up to pro camera, and how to get the best quality video and audio from them.

So subscribe to the Leading Zeros Youtube Channel to see these videos plus my thoughts, workshops and other content about how you can make youtube work for you and how to make even better videos for less money. If there's anything you want me cover or have any questions about video production leave a comment on this video.

You can follow me on twitter @nathanrae or follow the Leading Zeros Channel @leadingzerostv to get more youtube and online video targetted posts and content.

Let's make this thing!