Video Training Workshops

Nathan Rae is an Assosiate Lecturer of Filmmaking at Manchester Metropolitan University and can bring this knowledge and expertise to you.  He provides directing, camera and editing training for businesses, individuals, in staff meetings, for community groups and for school teachers.

Does your business have equipment just sitting there because no one knows how to use it?

Or do you have a project coming up which you want to film internally?

Do the staff at your school want to start using video for assessment?

Or are you just an individual wanting to make better home videos for your friends and family?

Nathan offers training which covers all areas of video production; camera, sound, directing, editing and post production.  The pre planned training sessions below are ready to go or can be tailored to provide you with a workshop to cover all or any areas of skill or to prepare you for a particular project.  

How To Get The Best From... Practical Training Sessions.

The following three workshops can be delivered to individuals or groups and are practical, confidence building and fun.  They are suitable for all adults and students from KS4.

How To Get The Best From Your Video Camera (Camera Skills)

  • Basic features of the camera, tripod and microphone.

  • How to shoot to avoid the common pitfalls of filming.

  • How to compose interesting and informative shots.

  • How to Build a Sequence of shots which will make editing easy.

How To Get The Best From The Person In Front Of The Camera (Directing Skills)

  • Preparation, Planning and Preproduction

  • Do Not Cross The Line?

  • Scripted or Unscripted?

  • Improvisational Directing

  • Covering all the angles and cut aways.

How To Get The Best From Your Footage (Editing Skills)

  • Capturing your footage.

  • Building a sequence.

  • How to edit your way out of a problem.

  • Titles and transitions: When to use them and when not to.

  • Getting your film onto DVD or the internet.

These sessions are designed to last from 60 to 90 minuets each and ideally we would use your own camera and computer equipment as much as possible.