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Live Stream your event with the professional Event Filming and Live Streaming service from Nathan Rae Productions.  Hassle free streaming for conferences, sporting events, workshops, festivals, conventions, press conferences, hack days and any other special event.

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Choose from a range of filming and streaming packages, from one to six cameras. Record and stream incoming Video Conference Calls, Powerpoint and Keynote presentations, videos or any other audio/video content.

Every Live Streaming Package includes free live editing and Full HD recording so the recording of your event is ready immediate use in the highest possible quality.

Also Offered:

  • Free audio input from your venues sound desk
  • Presenters to host your live stream and interact with viewers
  • Streaming between two venues
  • Pay Per View or Password Restricted Streams
  • Dedicated event chat rooms and social media

Single Camera Live Stream from £500 per day.

Multi Camera Live Stream from £800 per day.

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Get A Quote For Your Event Now
It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Nathan at our TEDxSalford events. He has tremendous experience as well as the technical knowledge of event recording and live-streaming... We would recommend his work to anybody and vouch for his competency, reliability and professionalism.
— Mishal Saeed Curator/Licensee TEDxSalford

Filming and Live Streaming Services from Nathan Rae Productions:


Single Camera Streaming:  A single camera and operator providing an High Definition Live Stream to your website, Youtube or -  £500 per day.


Multi Camera Filming or Streaming:   A Senior Producer live edits the video feeds from up to 6 HD cameras, all with experienced operators, which is then live streamed or recorded uncompressed to an SSD .   Producer, TV Studio and Two Cameras just £800.  Add more Cameras and Operators as needed.

Nathan Rae Productions has an Open Pricing Policy and we publish our rates in an easy to understand format here.


Other Services Provided:

Pay Per View

Pay Per View:  Charge viewers to watch your event.  Or drop the charge and simply ask viewers for their email address!  From £100 per Event.


Sound or Microphone Input:  Input audio from the mics and sound system at your venue for the best quality audio.  Free!


Input From A PC:  Feed in video, audio files, twitter walls or skype video calls from a PC directly into the live stream and video recording.  From £50 per day.


Display Live Video At Your Event:  Whether in the loby, bar or projected onto large screens on stage, showing live video adds a very professional feel to your event and helps the speakers and performers connect to the audience.  From £75 per day depending on venue size and number of screens.

Nathan quite simply helped to make Startup Weekend Manchester a great experience for not just those attending but those who watch via his live streams. Nathan not only crafted an emotive story out of the weekend but did so in a professional and quality manner throughout. Without a doubt we would look to secure Nathan’s services with any other similar events planned for the future.
— Shaun Gibson - Startup Weekend Manchester

More Options

Interview and Vox Pops:  Have an experienced film maker record interviews and vox pops with your speakers, sponsors, attendees and organisers.  We can use this footage show on the Live Stream, at your event or produce a short promotional video for your event.  From £100 per day.

Pre Production and Post Production:  Although we aim to edit all the camera footage from a Multi Camera Shoot on the day of your event, we can only do this if we have all the animated intros, speaker slides, etc. ready before the event.  Post event we may need a day or two to produce a DVD, re-purpose the footage for different audiences, edit out a technical problem, add subtitles or animated graphics, etc.  Pre and Post Production from £40 per video.