HeartMcrRun 22nd May 2019

The World’s First Mass Participation GPS Art Event

Raising funds for the North West Air Ambulance

The HeartMcrRun is run on the anniversary of the Manchester Arena Bombing to remember
the victims and celebrate Manchester’s response to the event.

The 2018 HeartMcrRun route, 67 miles, 18 hours, an amazing city.

The 2018 HeartMcrRun route, 67 miles, 18 hours, an amazing city.


Run With Us In 2019

HeartMcrRun 2018

HeartMcrRun 2018

I would like as many people as possible to meet us along the route or run with us! Last year someone ran with us 200 meters, and someone else 25 miles. Everyone is welcome to get involved as much as they can!

We are recreating the MCR Heart image again, but this time your run will be included!

Please bring your GPS device so after you have finished your part you can send me your Strava, Garmin, Mapmyrun, Runkeeper, etc. images. We can then show your involvement in the final artwork. This can include your route to join us and your route home, so you please record those miles too.. Email the image and your name to nathan@nathanrae.co.uk as soon as you finish.

If you plan to get involved please consider donating to North West Air Ambulance via our Just Giving page.

Please read the following notes about joining us on 22nd May:

  • I can’t guarantee that we’ll make it to all the waypoints at the planned times. Please check the website and facebook group for updates and the GPS tracking page for live minute by minute locations.

  • To make it round the city on time (and arrive at the Arena by 10pm) we must keep to a set pace. So please only consider running with us if you can manage the pace (this will be published soon, don’t worry, it’s not that fast). Unfortunately we cannot slow down or stop much. It took 18 hours last year - that is a very long time to be on your feet! 

  • You have to keep yourself safe and healthy. It’s your responsibility to cross roads safely, avoid hazards (don’t fall in the canal!). You MUST be wearing the correct shoes, have enough to drink, wear sunblock, etc. Be as prepared as you would be for your usual runs. You are responsible for getting yourself back home.  Please no cycling with us on roads and pavements but do join us on the Fallowfield Loop, canals, parks, etc.

Disclaimer: This is not an official event, it is not backed by any organisation or company, it is just a handful of runners celebrating their city. I am not liable for, or responsible for any injury (or loss of property) to any person while running or participating in the HeartMCRrun 2019 event.

Almost everyone I met on the 2018 #HeartMcrRun GPS Art Run in one video!

The Route

In 2018 the route took over 18 hours to run and was 67 miles long. It took longer due to tech difficulties and was longer than planned as I took a wrong turn a couple of times. 

The route snaked through Manchester, Trafford, Salford, and Stockport, stopping outside some of the the A&E departments where the bomb victims were treated the year before; Manchester Royal Infirmary, Wythenshawe, and Salford Royal Hospital.  

I visited Old Trafford, Etihad Stadium, Manchester City Centre, The Trafford Centre and had lunch at the Bowling Green Pub in Chorlton. We also stopped at the Manchester Arena though not in time for the official commemorations.

For the last few miles I was the only person left running although I had a couple of friends accompanying me on their bikes. I finished at the Moor Top pub in Heaton Moor at around 1.30am. I’d ran about 67 miles in 18 hours!

HeartMcrRun 2018 In the Media

Due to the media coverage in 2018 we raised about £4500 for the North West Air Ambulance. It will be exciting to see how much we can raise for the charity again this year.

In the UK there were articles by Manchester Evening News, Runners World, Lad Bible, Independant, Huff Post, Daily Fail, Belfast Telegraph, The Sun plus many more local news sites. It was also picked up by news agencies and spread worldwide to Korea, Australia, Italy, Poland, France, Ireland, etc.

I was also pleased that it was featured on Runner’s World and Ultrajuoksu (Ultra Runner) website.

Media and Press For 2019

A GPS Drawing from inspiration to final art piece.

A GPS Drawing from inspiration to final art piece.

I am available for interviews leading up to the event. I will have the main artwork plus photos and videos from the 2019 event ready to be published very soon after we finish.

I create GPS artwork year round following themes such as Queen/Freddie Mercury, Chinese Zodiac Animals, Christmas, and others. See my GPS Art work on this page.

I have high res photos and video footage from the 2018 run ready to go in a dropbox folder if you need them. Take a look at the videos I produced last year here and here.

Contact - nathan@nathanrae.co.uk and 07891605962

My Inspiration - Image: Manchester Evening News

My Inspiration - Image: Manchester Evening News

HeartMcrRun on Social Media

We’ll be sharing live video, photos, short videos clips, comments, and links to news articles on the following social media accounts and on the facebook page:

You can share our progress and send messages to us while we run using the hashtag #HeartMcrRun
We’ll also be using #WeLoveManchester #ManchesterBombing and #NWAA in our social media posts.


Check out the videos from the run and clips from news and tv on my youtube channel.  I create videos of all my ultra marathon runs and races that you can find here: http://bit.ly/SeeYouAtTheFinishLine

A more artistic take on the 2018 HeartMcrRun.

A quick mention of the 2018 HeartMcrRun on BBC North West Tonight.

A slide show using the audio from my appearance on BBC Radio Manchester. May 2018.

A student news crew asked me to do an interview and also re edited some of the footage I shot during the event.

Awards? Almost…

I was nominated for a few awards. Didn’t win any. And the only one I was able to publicise…

Laureus Sporting Moment July 2018.jpg

… I only received 0.9% of the vote! I actually voted for Siya Kolisi who was the first black South African Rugby Captain.