The next HeartMcrRun will take place on 22nd May 2019.

We’ll be posting all the info about the run on this page soon but if you want to get involved join the Facebook group here. Photos and videos from 2018’s run are below…

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On the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena Bombing I created a large scale We Love Manchester art piece.  I ran a 67 mile long route making a #WeLoveManchester heart across the city, 8 miles high and 8 miles wide.  The attack was sickening but I found our city's response to it inspiring and hopeful.  I was just trying to capture a small part of that a year on.

I also raised money on the day and the week after raising £4500 for the North West Air Ambulance charity.

But I wasn’t alone! Over 20 people ran with me, some for a few hundred meters, some for over 20 miles. This video features most of the people who joined me on the run!


The Route

It took over 18 hours to run the 67 mile line to create the letters MCR and the heart.  The route snaked through Manchester, Trafford, Salford, and Stockport stopping outside of some of the the A&E departments where the wounded were treated a year ago, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Wythenshawe, and Salford Royal Hospital.  I also visited Old Trafford, Etihad Stadium, Manchester City Centre, The Trafford Centre, and had lunch at the Bowling Green Pub in Chorlton.

We also stopped at Manchester Arena at around 11.30pm, an hour later than expected as I was trying to mark the time a year on from the attack.  But we took some time to reflect when we arrived then pushed on for the last section and finished around 1.30am.

HeartMcrRun on Social Media

I have been sharing photos, videos, comments, and links to news articles on the following social media accounts:

Please share my progress and send messages to me while I run using the hashtag #HeartMcrRun.  And I'll be using #WeLoveManchester #ManchesterBombing and #NWAA in all the tweets about the run.

My Inspiration - Image: Manchester Evening News

My Inspiration - Image: Manchester Evening News

Me at Mile 65 - ThunderRun 2017 . Image: Conti Thunderrun

Me at Mile 65 - ThunderRun 2017 . Image: Conti Thunderrun

Thank You!

A huge thank you to everyone who supported me, who came out to meet me on the day and those that ran with me for 200 meters and those who ran with me for 25 miles!

And thanks to all the people who have sponsored me to raise funds for the North West Air Ambulance!

I am a member of the Chorlton Runners.  Thank you to everyone in the club who has offered their support on this and all my other projects, I couldn't do it without you!

In the Media:

In the UK the run was covered by Manchester Evening News, Runners World, Lad Bible, Independant, Huff Post, Daily Fail, Belfast Telegraph, The Sun plus many more local new sites. It was also picked up by some news agencies so spread world wide to Korea, Australia, Italy, Poland, France, Ireland, etc.

I was also please that it was featured in Runner’s World and Ultrajuoksu (Ultra Runner).


Check out the videos from the run and clips from news and tv on my youtube channel.  I create videos of all my ultra marathon runs and races that you can find here: