We have an open pricing policy which means we publish our full price list.  All prices are per day unless otherwise stated.  Contact Nathan Rae with any questions or to receive a full quote.

Complex events or events in specialised venues will require at least one day of Preproduction for site visits, creating on screen assets, booking and collecting equipment, etc.
Funerals are not for profit if possible.

Single Camera Event Filming and Streaming Package:  £500   

  • Experienced Camera Operator

  • Youtube, Facebook, Twitch or any other streaming service

  • Audio Input from Sound Desk

  • Backup Equipment

  • Backup 4G Data Connection

  • PL Insurance

  • Saved Videos Uploaded to Youtube and Dropbox or similar service

  • 1080 HD Stream - Note: Facebook max resolution is 720.

1.5 Camera Option: £600

  • As Single Camera Package with extra static camera. This camera will be on a tripod and will be monitored at all times. Extra camera may not be suitable for all equipment set ups and events.

Extra Options For Your Event:

  • Radio Mics (Either Tie Mics or Handheld): From £35

  • Input Powerpoint or Other Content Live: From £50

  • Pay Per View or Password Protected Live Stream: From £100 per event

  • Post Production and Full Edit: From £40 per video

  • Other Streaming Platforms: Free as long as they use common streaming standards.

  • Preproduction Per Day: £250

2.5 Camera Event Filming and Streaming Package:  £950

This package is based on 2 cameras with dedicated operators and a single static camera. A Live Stream Producer runs the live stream and all tech and switches cameras. The package includes:

  • Youtube, Facebook, Twitch or any other streaming service

  • 1080 HD Stream - Note: Facebook max resolution is 720 and other services vary

  • Senior Producer

  • 2 Cameras with Operators

  • 1 Static Camera with no Operator

  • Live Edit Of Speakers Slides*

  • Audio Input from Venue Sound Desk

  • Back up Equipment

  • Backup 4G Data Connection

  • PL Insurance

  • Same Day Delivery of Edited Footage**

  • Final videos uploaded to Youtube and Dropbox or similar service.

  • Speaker's Slide formatting guidelines for professional looking videos.

  • Limited Post Production and Editing. (Full reedit from £40 per video.)

Extra Options For Your Event:

  • Full edit of each video, talk or session from £40 per video. Including multi cam edit, slides, intros, outros, lower thirds, etc.

  • Simultaneous streams over limited bandwidth: From £75
    To multiple platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, etc) or to multiple accounts (Facebook group page plus event page plus profile page).

  • Preproduction Per Day: £250

  • 3rd, 4th and 5th Camera with Operator: £350 each

  • Extra Static Camera: £150

  • Radio Mics (Lapel or Handheld): From £35 each

  • Output to Venue Based Displays: From £100 per event

  • Interviews and Vox Pops: £150 per event

  • Assistant Producer needed for larger events: £250

  • Music Licence: From £40 per event

  • Custom Animated Graphics: From £250

  • Pay Per View or Password Protected Live Stream: From £100 per event.

  • All footage, video data and FCP10 edits on a Hard Drive: From £60

Other Packages:

Full Effects Streaming and Venue Displays: From £300

TV Studio Rig which enables:

  • Full 1080 Resolution Output to Venue TVs and Projectors

  • Either Just Camera Edit or Cameras with Slides, Videos, Overlays, Edits

  • Direct Input from Speakers Slide Computer so any videos or interactive content can be played

  • Animated Transitions

  • Live Green Screen

  • Animated Graphics

  • Instant Replay for Sports Events

  • Twitter Hashtags and Other Social Media Content overlaid on video

  • Picture in Picture

  • Remote Speakers call in to venue via Skype or Similar Service

Please contact us to discuss these features.

Promo Video Production:  From £500 per event

Full promo video with slow motion, steadycam shots of every element of your event.  Edit with text and your graphics, music and other assets.  Also use footage from the live stream cameras.

Single 4K Camera Filming Only:   £350

Have an award winning documentary filmmaker record your event in 4K with professional camera.  Audio from your sound desk.

White Label Live Stream Producer Package  -  Add streaming to your existing event filming service:  From £500

Hire Senior Producer Nathan Rae along with our streaming computers and other equipment to transform your Multi Camera filming setup to deliver a Multi Camera Live Stream.  Live Stream Producer Package Includes:

  • Senior Producer.

  • Switching/Editing Computer and Streaming/Recording Computer.

  • All cables and equipment to connect 4 cameras and audio to streaming rig.

  • Back up Equipment.

  • PL Insurance for Nathan Rae.

This means you can offer your client:

  • Live stream to Youtube, Facebook Live, Twitch or any other service.

  • Stream to Multiple Platforms Simultaneously.

  • Play in of images, lower thirds, videos, music, adverts, and other media during event.

  • Play in of speakers slides in full resolution for online viewers.

  • Same Day Delivery of Live Edited Footage in high quality full 1080 HD.

Depending on the venue, type of event, and budget, etc. we can also provide:

  • Pay Per View and Passworded Players.

  • Display live feed on screens around the venue.

  • Live capture of any computer or AV source being used in presentations.

  • Custom live on screen content such as Twitter Walls, Sport Scoreboards, Tickers, etc.

  • Extra cameras and tripods, small sound mixer, Assistant Producer, proproduction site visits, post production and editing.

Please contact us to discuss your project.


We only start preproduction (hiring equipment and staff, buying hard drives, creating video/audio/still images, etc.) once the booking has been confirmed.

Standard Deposit is 20% deposit and confirms booking.

Urgent or last minute booking requires a 50% deposit.

For emergency, urgent or bookings made within 7 days of your event, we need a 50% deposit to confirm the booking.  There may also be additional costs due to finding last minute camera operators, ordering equipment to be delivered with next day shipping, etc.  These possible additional costs will be explained to you at the time of booking.

* Footage and Editing - For same day turn around Speaker's Slides have to be delivered to Nathan Rae Productions in the correct format before the start of the event.  We can help with this by providing details and instructions which you can pass onto your speakers.  May incur extra charges. 

Items Not Included in List Prices Above

Items Not Included in List Prices Above

Travel Cost and Accommodation Costs for locations outside the green circle on the map will be charged at the following rates.
Car travel costs - £0.45 per mile
Rail travel costs - Price of ticket. Early purchase is cheaper.
Parking - Price of ticket - Reasonable charges at reasonable distance.
Cost of reasonable hotel within walking distance or short drive of venue.

Data Costs:
Bandwidth costs at venues and specialist data connection devices or services for remote or low bandwidth venues.

** Hard Drives and SSD Hard Drives need to be provided to Nathan Rae Productions in good time or we will buy new hard drives and pass the cost on to you.